Our ambitious development proposal was informed by:

  1. A commitment to drive broad positive environmental and social impact
  2. The understanding of local strengths, potentials and aspirations our team learned through research, public consultation and engagement
  3. The City of Toronto’s South Niagara Planning Strategy

The site represents a key intersection between Toronto’s industrial and urban past.

We will preserve portions of the former abattoir, existing historic smokestack and scale.

Our design thoughtfully considers and responds to the century-old Wellington Destructor garbage incinerator, opening up views and access to this iconic local landmark.

  1. Commercial podium,
    residential tower
    22 storeys, approx. 400 homes
  2. Commercial at base,
    residential tower
    30 storeys, approx. 500 homes
  3. Commercial
    7 storeys
  4. Commercial
    2 storeys
  5. Commercial
    2 storeys

Active transportation will be prioritized.

Generous bike and walking paths have been integrated along the site’s southern edge, introducing a new connection between, Fort York, The Bentway and downtown.

Generous public realm improvements will be woven across the site, both outside and within doors, to ensure the community can gather and socialize all year round.

Key Statistics

Five-acre site whose dramatic topography echoes the now buried Garrison Creek

Nearly 1,000,000 square feet of mixed-use development

Five buildings, including two towers, one mid-rise and two low-rise

Nearly 1.5 acres of public realm improvements and new parks

A four-metre-wide bike path along the site’s southern boundary

Underground parking spaces for approximately 850 bicycles and 400 vehicles

Design and Program Highlights

We plan to enthusiastically mix and optimize uses at 2 Tecumseth in order to create a wonderfully real place where people from many walks of life can live, work and play together.

This lively and iconic destination will be a place where residents and visitors of all ages can co-create a new urban experience.

Our impact commitments:

Prioritize Nature and Environmental Sustainability

  • Restore and reimagine an active and resilient landscape
  • Design with sustainability in mind through high efficiency building materials, such as mass timber
  • Establish a geothermal district energy system and explore energy recovery strategies
  • Grow food onsite through an integrated urban agriculture program
  • Promote the use of higher-order transit and active transportation

Nurture a Diverse and Inclusive Community

  • Include residential, commercial and community spaces that are affordable and below-market
  • Deliver indoor/outdoor gathering and event spaces that facilitate social connections, learning and innovation
  • Embrace universal design and accessibility

Bolster Creative Industry

  • Explore the potential of a creative industry cluster that will chart the future in a campus specifically designed to meet their needs

Project Team

Our team is collaborative, optimistic and best in class

Design and Rezoning Architect:
Executive Architect:
Adamson Associates Architects
Heritage Architect:
Landscape Architect:
Public Work
District Energy System:
Creative Energy
Leasing Partner:


Development Submission Documents

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